How To Sell Your Mineral Interests

Selling your mineral interests doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful. In fact, with our team, the process can be pleasant and pain free. We have successfully closed hundreds of mineral transactions, and emphasize open communication and speed throughout the process. Building your better future starts today, and getting started is as easy as 1...2...3.


Contact our Acquisition Team, and then simply email, fax, or mail your latest month's royalty statement for each interest in the offer (CLICK HERE for our phone #, email, fax #, and mailing address).


As soon as we receive your royalty statement information, we will review your ownership and interest details in order to verify and finalize our offer.


In preparation for closing, we will run title at our own expense and arrange all final details. With everything in place, funds are paid via wire transfer or cashier's check…your choice.