OneMap Is Different…and That’s a Good Thing

It begins with our people and extends all the way to closing. When you work with OneMap, you will encounter market leading offers, flexible acquisition solutions, and the quality associated with an experienced mineral buying team.

Key OneMap Advantages

  • Our People — We believe win-win scenarios are built on relationships and trust, which is why we have the highest quality people work with you on this important transaction. You can count on us to deliver outstanding personal service and a committment to your satisfaction.
  • Well Funded — OneMap is backed by investment capital from leading foundations, endowments, and private wealth sources, which means that you can have confidence in our ability to successfully purchase your mineral interests.
  • Strong Offers — Our disciplined approach to mineral acquisitions, coupled with our long-term investment outlook, enables us to generate serious offers in strategic buying areas. As a result, OneMap extends genuine market-leading offers to purchase mineral rights.
  • Flexible Acquisition — We recognize that many individuals desire to maintain a portion of their mineral interests and capitalize on the ability to have “cash in hand”, which is why we offer the flexibility to just sell a portion of your interests! With OneMap, you have the power to choose what scenario works best for your unique situation.
  • Experience — A veteran team with years of mineral buying experience provides the depth of expertise needed for a smooth transaction. Whether it’s answering questions, communicating the process, or delivering speed in closing, our team has a proven track record of providing the best experience for mineral sellers.